Arvid Engström


Arvid Engström – PhD


  • arvid.engstrom[at]
  • +46 (0)73-385 89 80


Arvid is Adjunct Studio Director of the Mobility Studio. He is an interdisciplinary researcher within the field of Human-Computer Interaction and a Ph.D student at the Mobile Life Centre in Kista, Sweden. He does ethnographically informed reserach and design of live video applications on mobile platforms, from studies of situated action to the ongoing development and design of Instant Broadcasting System, a next-generation production tool for editing mobile live video.

Arvid’s background is in Media Technology (MSc, KTH, Stockholm), filmmaking and digital postproduction (San Diego State Univ.) and media studies (Uppsala Univ.). Outside academia he has been involved in various film, video, photography and installation projects. His previous work also includes consultancy projects on electronic newspaper publishing, research evaluation and ICT & learning.


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