Goranka Zoric


Goranka Zoric – PhD


  • goga[at]mobilelifecentre.org
  • +46 (0)70 55 22 416


Goranka Zoric is senior researcher at the Mobile Life Center, employed by the Interactive Institute, since January 2010. She is part of the Mobility Studio. She holds a M.Sc. (2005) and a Ph.D (2010) in electrical engineering with a major in telecommunications and information science at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Goranka’s current research includes interdisciplinary human centric approach in the field of live video interaction with the focus on mobile technologies. She is working on the EU-project FascinatE. Goranka’s previous work was in the field of automatic face animation of virtual characters and their applications in networked and mobile environments. She defended her PhD thesis, “Hybrid approach to real-time speech driven facial gesturing of virtual characters”, in July 2010.


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